Friday, 19 October 2012

An Invocation to my Muse - A Poem


All day do I wait for my Muse to grant me inspiration,
For I gain no idea to write a poem, ‘cause of a life of
Hectic work dictated by  a life of recognition and need!
So this be a poem to invoke my Muse to inspire me,
With thoughts so fine that they rise on the tide of
Wind. A life of routine inspires me not  any more!
So sit I gazing at a life devoid of bird-song, adventure
And excitement! So we need leisure and  poesy in a world
Of ugly shells of un-built buildings which dot the horizon!
We all live lives so uninspired that we seek rainbows and
Green glades in a world of honking cars! But alas! Sounds of
Of birdsong fade away in a world so dry!
Alas,  that my muse refuses to meet me so, the smog and
Noise  drive her away from a world devoid of
Leisure and song where rainbows fade away into dust!
I pray to my muse to visit me, promising that I will
Write a poem of rainbows and flowers red, but she tells me
That flowers don’t bloom and rainbows don’t appear in dust and smoke!
In a world where noise ‘n’ engines rule, flowers
Wither and rainbows fade! When people don’t appreciate
Colours so bright, life passes away in shades of grey!

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