Monday, 22 October 2012

Purple Vestments

The one in purple vestments took me for a ride,
Dressed in purple he exuded a false spiritual royalty!
But deep down inside he was filled with human weakness.
He’d call me to serve his selfish plans.
And I thinking good, acquiesced!
Joined I as the head of an institution,
But from day one his wishes rang false and fake, and wrong!
Leaving a secure job I wished to serve my community,
But then my Lordship desired something else!
So left I a secure job, so to serve a higher goal.
Within the year’s end he told me to join a lesser institute,
One with a lesser strength, and of questionable import,
‘Cause he wanted to please his side kick and his son,
To join in my place! But did I realise and refused
To join for to do so would ruin my career!
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