Tuesday, 2 October 2012



Driving down the road, saw I bubbles bright,
As they rose  so magical so fair, I forgot
The heavy thoughts  that filled my mind,
Their magic sheer, gave me cheer ‘n’ joy!
I saw with childish glee how some  rose so
High; others in haste, burst too soon!
  Each  stood for  hopes and aspirations
Clothed in rainbows of colours bright!
Thus saw I bubbles of colourful dreams,
Of fulfilment and success! But, alas,
Some did burst, signalling the sad ends
Of rash decisions and aspirations quick.
However, bubbles are baubles that please us so,
Rising high they  bring smiles to pensive minds.
  Though their lives be short, they grant us
  Joy and pleasure if we stop for them!
Bright patterns of rainbows flash in the bright sun,
Inspiration to old and young alike,
Jostling and skidding like children free,
They bring smiles to sere lips!

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