Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Benign effect of Nature at the Induction Workshop

We had a wonderful Induction workshop in the school which lasted three days from 27-29th. of October 2012. We had a wonderful time at the stay back which included many activities. We had group activities, meditation exercises, and also an excursion to a spot where members of the group did  rock climbing. Throughout the workshop we were close to Nature, and this had a most calming effect on all of us!
The picture of this pyramid, its reflection in the water and the rising sun seemed to have a rather calming effect. Notice also that the reflection is so accurate that if the picture is inverted, it would be difficult to guess which was the right side up!
This pair of Ducks seemed to exude an intimacy which seemed to be most touching and thought inspiring!
On the way to the adventure site a number of Harleys parked at the roadside sent our hearts racing:
Yes, and on that rock climbing exercise, this was one brave member:
Sri knew what we were up to but never revealed anything before hand!
This beetle seemed so intent on eating the petals of the flower that it seemed not to see me!

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