Sunday, 21 October 2012

Money plant-A poem about survival

A Poem about a brave plant that emerged a winner!

My brother-in law  and I  spied a  money plant  creeper crawling on
A wall, with leaves  so big, and darkest green in colour, larger than
Life! And we were  filled with greed  so to steal one  strand to plant
At home and watch it flourish and grow!


So, the next day took we a knife  hidden in a roll of paper on our
Morning walk, and when no one was  looking, stepped with care,
And cut off one  strand of  the robust bright  green money plant!
We carried our prize with great pride to watch it grow.
One strand I took with me to plant at mine own home, the other
One gave I to  my brother in law. But  alas! His  did away wither,
While mine did  languish and  shrink  till all that remained
Was a  rotten  stub poking  from  the pot!
And I wept to see how  this robust  plant had withered away,
In spite  of all  the  care I  had lavished  on it;  for to be away
From its brothers and sisters had robbed it of all its will
To live. So I left it, though I watered it oft!
Then one day did I  see  a bright green leaf poking from the
Rotten  stub,  and  then  another, and another, and then lo,
Behold, a tiny green plant emerged from the rotten stub,
Full of life, reaching out to the sky above!
So do I salute  the spirit  of  survival  in a plant separated
From its kith and kin, and from the almost dead emerged,
One so robust, a testimony of the spirit of survival,
A lesson for the weak, if a plant can emerge from
A dead stub, so can you from a life of defeat!
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