Friday, 11 January 2013

A Visit to an Eco Tourism Farm ( Eco-Tourism Farms in India)

Although the concept of Eco-Farm Tourism has been around for about five years, the novelty has not worn off. The idea deals with taking tourists and people from cities visiting farms in rural areas so that they can see for themselves how farms are run, and they can even participate in some of the farming activities. Such a concept helps develop a sense of respect and even admiration for life in rural farms. Just today, the teachers of the Senior Programme group went on an outing to one such farm located in Jajjhar. The Pratapgarh farm is a wonderful example of an Eco-Tourism Farm. After being welcomed in the traditional way, we gathered at the dining area for a sumptuous breakfast of paranthas, puris, potato curry, jalebis, fresh butter and locally made pickles. After breakfast we were divided into groups and then went off on a tour of the farm. We were astounded by the size of the turnips and the size of the radishes, all grown the natural organic way!

And Bannerji Sir enjoyed frolicking in the mustard field!
Some of the activities were fun enough and I learned how to grind grains the traditional way:
Learning to balance water pots on one’s head and holding a rather anaemic looking carrot took some practice for me, and yes that chunni came as an added incentive!
Then a lesson about learning to spin the spinning wheel, and Neelima Ma’am did it very well!
And of course there was this little bird that was busy rushing into the brush and then coming out again. Thankfully it gave me the opportunity to take a snap!
The Guinea Fowls however were inside an enclosure, but then they too were curious about the camera:

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