Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Prayer Tower - A Poem

They call it the prayer tower, a slender needle rising into the sky,
A testament to the power of combined prayer, of thousands
Praying as one,  one voice all joined in the communion of Saints!
The tower of Babel it certainly is not, for pride and folly
Do bring towers and nations down with a crash!
So is it a monument of prayers of the humble and contrite.
Thus does the slender monument rise into the blue sky,
Borne on the slender but strong currents of prayer
For where two or more pray, strong fellowship do they make!
For  fellowship in prayer does please Him so.
Thus prayers do rise  on currents strong,
  One note and one song they make like birdsong sweet!


  1. respected rodrick sir, are these poems written by you? I liked it very much. I am curious to know if this is your own.

    prateyush das

  2. Yes, Prateyush these are very much mine!