Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Making of Naari


When my name was suggested for a play based on the plight of women in India today, I was a little hesitant because the last time I had taken a part in a play was when I was doing my B.Ed. from C.I.E. Akshay however took a lot of pains in putting up the play together, and finally the play when performed on the 26th. of January by teachers of the Senior Programme was a success. The success of any play however is the result of numerous rehearsals, and the number of blunders that have to be corrected and ironed out. Without saying more, I have pasted a few photographs which tell the story of the making of the play, “Naari”:

IMG_0162 (2)

Mr.Akshay, the Director putting in the final touches to the music to be played in the background.


And of course Alka Ma’am had a tough time choosing the correct doll as a prop!


And yes, it was a most emotional performance which both performed very well!

      Mr. Vikas played the role of an unscrupulous Groom who would marry only for Dowry!Mr.Akshay played the role of the hapless father of the bride who had been looking forward to the marriage!


Yes it was a fun role playing brothers to Vandana Ma'am in the left. Also seen in the snap are Mr. Bannerji,  I, myself, in the middle and Mr. Akshay at the right.


Anjali Ma’am and Vikas Sir, looking for that elusive moon hidden in the clouds!

The role of frightening Anjali Ma’am took a lot of practice. My shout often ended up being funnier than frightening!


Ah! The Marionettes,Parruck Sir handled the strings, Varsha Ma’am had a bad throat, Ritu Ma’am was full of energy, Khalida Ma’am and Balwinder Ma’am


Making a train at the end of each rehearsal helped all of us wind up!
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