Monday, 14 January 2013

The Upper Room - A Poem

What happened  many years ago was to change the course of the world completely! The Great book describes the event in great detail, and Leonardo da Vinci was to draw the famous painting known as The Last Supper! What made the moment so important was the twelve followers were going to be bound in a fellowship that would last longer than any blood ties known to man. The sharing of the wine and the bread, symbolic of ties going beyond any known to man would spread the message of peace, togetherness, forgiveness, fellowship and the redemption of sins. Present in the group was however one man who would betray the teacher and he knew that he would do so and yet tried to dissimulate and hide his dismay when the teacher told the assembled group that one of them would betray him by the time the Cock crowed thrice!

The room is now deserted, the supper long over! The atmosphere heavy
With expectancy. The thirteen chairs ordered still around the large heavy
Oak table. The remains of the feast lie on the table, thirteen plates empty
And yet honoured by what they held in them!  The only one tankard sits empty
On the rough-hewn table top, testament to a great moment in History!
A balmy light pours through the window, the light of hope and goodwill,
Of a prediction of a new world order, of great things accomplished that will
Herald stories of the bravery of most ordinary of men and women who will
Bring down tyrants and dictators, and those of a tarnished and empty will!
One meal and a gathering of twelve was all it took to change the will!
Honoured was the tavern- keeper who served the meal that day, a meal to last
Forever to forge a fellowship so strong; the mighty empire of eagle it brought
 Down! For the fellowship of the bread and wine be stronger than that
Forged of steel! The still life scene of the table and the chair stands a testament,
A gathering of twelve students and a teacher was all it took to change the world!
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