Thursday, 10 January 2013

Some of my photographs taken at the end of 2012

The presence of these antique beauties added a kick to the Winter Carnival that we had in the school. I just couldn’t help taking photographs of these antique cars which were really well maintained, exuding exclusivity and opulence of another age gone by!


I was standing tall against the car as if I owned it, but then of course there were so many others who posed against these beauties!

Sure this car might not have had an integrated trunk, but then, a trunk was surely strapped on the the back!

This was a well maintained Dodge car which would have had a powerful engine! A gas guzzler it might have been but a beauty it certainly was! The flowing lines seemed beautiful enough, masking the raw power of the engine!
Christmas was a time when there were decorations everywhere. I just thought this Christmas bell looked rather good!

Yes, and it felt great to hold a star in your hands!

A Christmas ball reflecting the lights of stars seems to be mesmerising indeed!
Flowers have a special place on every occasion, this Christmas too, flowers had a special message:

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