Thursday, 20 February 2014

Notice Writing for the CBSE Grade Twelve course

Where Are Notices Posted?
School Notice-Boards
Public Notice-Boards
Prominent Public Places.

The Formal Notice includes the following elements:
  1. Name of Organization (Note: The student doesn't need to write the name of the organisation or school when drafting a notice for a lost school bag in which case it will be an informal notice.)
  2. The Word NOTICE in block capitals
  3. Date (Adjacent to the announcement or below the announcement)
  4. Announcement
  5. Body including: 1.announcement of the event, time, venue 3.important
          information or instructions of the person to be contacted for further
     6. Signature, Name and Official Designation of the issuer of the Notice

Example 1

Example 2 On the Spot painting Competition


Example 3 (lost school bag)


Example 4 Zonal Basketball Match


(Example 5 Notice for an apartment society board)

Note: Notices are placed within a box.

A few questions for practice are given below:

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  1. Dear sir,
    What catchy phrase should we use if the topic is: Annual debate competition?

  2. You don't write a catchy announcement, just Annual Day Function will do, Uday!