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Classified and Display Advertisements for Grade Twelve

(How the Sharma family used Classified Advertisements to help them to settle in a new city )

We are going to see how both Classified and Business or Display Advertisements helped the Sharmas,  Shift to Delhi

The Sharmas had to relocate from a small town in Haryana to Delhi. They did not own a house in Delhi, and so had to rent one. Instead of hiring a broker, they decided to look at the classified columns of an English Daily and came across the following advertisement which contained the following value points:

TO LET: Type of accommodation and built up area/Location/ Features, furnished or not…etc./Expected rent/Contact address

The Advertisement looked like this:


One two bedroom flat, first floor, built up area 1800 sq.ft./ Rohini Sect.4 /semi-furnished, servant quarter+garage/Exp. Rent Rs.15000/- p.m./Interested tenants may contact: Shri B.K.Sharma, B-26, Kamla Nagar, Delhi 110007, Ph.No.234561/Brokers excuse.


The Sharmas were happy with the details so they went ahead, contacted the landlord and fixed the deal with him. Next, they decided to sell off their old vehicle so that they could buy a new more fuel-efficient car. They decided to draft an advertisement for selling their car and these are the value points they worked on: Vehicle For Sale: make+colour/model/condition/price and contact address. The final draft of the advertisement (which they placed in an English Daily) was as follows:

FOR SALE: One white Santro car/Model-2005/show-room condition,fully loaded,done only 35000kms./exp.price Rs.20,000/- Interested buyers may contact Mr Sharma, Rohini, Sector 04, New Delhi, Ph.No. 011-345897/Brokers Excuse.
The Sharmas, now living in Delhi wanted to buy a brand new washing machine. They pored over the display advertisements appearing in the English Dailies. They finally settled on the brand advertised as follows:  


Special Festive Offer on BMG Washing Machines:

 Rs.2000/- Off*

Fully Automatic
Front Loading  
5 kg Wash Capacity
800 Spin Speed(rpm)

Product Available at Nayar Electronics Kamla Nagar Delhi, Phone number 011-23569224
        *Conditions apply


Recapitulation: Through this presentation, we have learned how Mr and Mrs  Sharma came across an advertisement under the: ‘PROPERTY,’ category with the help of which they were able to get a flat to live in. Since they had an old vehicle, and it was a liability, they drafted an advertisement to sell their old car under the  ‘For Sale’ category. Mr Sharma was able to get a good job in Delhi after his wife looked into the Situation Vacant Column of an English daily and identified a post that was suitable for her husband. The Sharma's old washing machine had broken down, so they were able to select a model that was to their liking - they were able to decide about the washing machine after looking at a display/business advertisement.


The Lost and Found advertisements are usually for lost documents and pets

Lost one white and  brown English Bulldog responding to the name Bobby/ height at shoulders 20", brown collar, white spot over left eye/ lost on the 25th of July at TDL Park at 6:30 a.m./Finder is requested to return or give information about the same to Mr Bharat Singh, B-26, Sect. 17, Gurgaon, Ph.No. 1234567/Finder will be highly rewarded.
LOST AND FOUND: Lost one Indian Passport, navy blue colour, issued in the name of Arjun Kumar/bearing serial no. J-123456/lost on the 1st of August, 2015, at Hong Kong Bazar at about 6:00 p.m./Finder is requested to return the same (as urgently as possible as the passport holder has to fly to America) to Arjun Kumar, G-22, Sect.54, Gurgaon, will be highly rewarded.

Given below is one example of the display/business advertisement:

Note: The display advertisement is based on propaganda techniques.It is meant to be convincing and persuasive.

The Advertisements given below are classified advertisements, they can also be converted into Display or Business Advertisements with a few changes and graphics thrown in.
Available Tutor for Maths for eleventh and twelfth classes/Home tuitions for individual students also offered/ excellent board results/reasonable fees/Interested students may contact: Mr S.K. Ahuja, B-26, Kamla Nagar, Ph.No.011-23840224.
Apex Coaching Centre, Sect.14, Gurgaon offers to coach students in all subjects from grades eight to twelve/flexible timings/expert tutors/pleasing ambience/excellent track record/scholarship for merit holders/Interested candidates may contact: The Director, Apex Coaching Centre, Ph. No. 8929852389.

Wanted two salesgirls for garment store in Kamla Nagar/Min.Qual. 10+2/Preferably with one year experience in selling garments, pleasing personality/Remuneration: Rs.10,000/- p.m.+ perks + bonus/Interested candidates should contact with biodata and two references: The Proprietor, Goel Garments, Kolhapur Road, Kamla Nagar, Delhi, Ph.No.011-23840224

MBA from Harvard requires the post of Regional Manager in an MNC in Delhi-NCR/has two year's experience as Business Development Head in Google Inc. Singapore/Expected package, Rs.50.0/-Lacs annual + bonus+perks+paid holidays for spouse and self/Interested companies may contact, Mr Manoj Appleseed, 12/26, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Ph.No. 011-12679667

Wanted groom for Gaur Brahmin girl/Director in MNC in Gurgaon/Height 5'4, fair complexion, pleasing personality/Age-29, prefer groom in age group 30-35/Interested Grooms to send details to Hindustan Times  post Box No. 45, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Delhi.

Suggested Value Points for Classified Advertisements


  1. Brand + Make + Colour
  2. Model or year of Manufacture
  3. Mileage/condition
  4. Expected Price
  5. Contact
  6. Brokers Excuse (optional)

  1. Type of  Property+built up area in square feet
  2. Location
  3. Facilities
  4. Price
  5. Contact
  6. Brokers Excuse (optional)

  1. Type of Accomodation+built up area in square feet
  2. Location
  3. Facilities
  4. Rent
  5. Contact
  6. Brokers Excuse (optional)

  1. Post + gender + No. of posts
  2. Min.Qual.
  3. Preference ( skills, experience, sp.ability)
  4. Salary/Remuneration + Perks + Bonus
  5. Contact with Biodata + time period

  1. Breed + gender + name
  2. Distinguishing features ( height at shoulders, spot on coat)
  3. Place where lost
  4. Date
  5. Time
  6. Contact
  7. Reward
LOST AND FOUND: (Document)

1.Type of document + serial number +  name
2.Identifying features


Suggested value points for Display or Business Advertisements

  1. Slogan
  2. Statement
  3. Reasons why your products or services are good (at least three reasons)
  4. Special offer inside a callout sign.
  5. Statement
  6. Slogan
  7. Name of Manufacturer and address
  8. Conditions apply
Note: The display advertisement should be creative. It is placed inside a box. It should be eye-catching.

Revision Exercise:

1. You are Mr Ankit Chabra, draft an advertisement for selling off your L.G. double-door, 380 liters frost-free refrigerator. Mention all the relevant details. You have to sell off the refrigerator as you are migrating to Canada. 
2. Mr Neelkanth Sharma, the Country head of Lexar, Computer peripherals has a requirement for the regional head office in Gurgaon. You would like to rent office space, preferably on an independent floor with a minimum area of 4500 square feet, with good power backup and parking.
3. Mrs Bela Ram has just lost her property papers for her flat in DLF Phase II in the Mini Secretariat, Gurgaon. Fill in the required information for the same, and the USP.
4. The Rising Star, Public School, Sector 14, Gurgaon requires a Maths Teacher to teach grade eleven and twelve students. Draft an advertisement for the Situation Vacant column of an English daily. Furnish all the relevant details. Draft the advertisement on behalf of the Manager.
5. You are running an ad agency in Gurgaon. Draft an advertisement for a renowned property developer for residential flats in the lap of nature. Mention important features for the same.
6. Draft an advertisement for a Hair Shampoo aimed at teenagers. Mention all the important details including a list of reasons why this shampoo should be used, special offers, and the name of the manufacturer. Don't forget to mention the USP.
7. Draft a display advertisement for a health drink supplement that can be added to milk. Mention its health benefits, special offers, and USP.

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