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Poster Formats for grade Twelve

Poster Writing is part of the short composition section of the CBSE Grade twelve question paper and it forms part of a choice of notices, invitations, advertisements and circulars. Marks are awarded for creativity, sticking to the format, and following conventions. Posters are fun to make and they are scoring too!
There are two kinds of Posters that can come in the Board exam.

The Event Poster:
Event Posters include events like School Fetes, Book Fairs, Blood Donation Camps…etc
•It deals with events that are to take place. The event poster contains the following value points:
•Statement(also announcement)
•Special Feature
•Other Features
•Important Information
•Concluding slogan/statement
Name of Organizer

The Non-Event Poster:
Posters on Social Issue, Social evils, and Bad Habits (Child Marriage, Female Infanticide, Alcohol abuse, Deforestation…etc)
•This type of poster deals with important everyday social issues. This poster is made up of the following elements:
•List of reasons(to answer the question why?)
Name of the person or organizer who has issued the poster.
Some examples  of  Event Posters are given below:

Note: all posters have to be put inside a box like the one below:

One example of a non-event poster highlighting  drug abuse as a  social evil is given below:

Given below is a poster on smoking tobacco:

This is a poster that was designed by my students, Tarina, Keshav and Upasana on cleanliness.

Note: Posters are written inside a box!

Poster  on Afforestation

Plant more trees, save the Planet

Trees are our lifeline!

Plant more trees because:

1. They provide you with Oxygen     2. Trees prevent soil erosion

3. They provide us raw material     4. Trees provide us fruits and food

5. They give animals shelter   6. Trees provide shade to tired travelers 

A Green Planet is a Healthy Planet!

Grow more trees, ensure a healthy future.

Issued in the public by the Ministry of Environment

Given below is yet another model poster on female infanticide in India:


Given below is a model poster on the promotion of reading as a habit:


Some important questions on posters for revision:

1. On behalf of the Environment-Club of your school, prepare a poster to promote Environment friendly habits that revlove around the concepts of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle as a means of curbing the ill effects of accumulating garbage and waste.

2. On behalf of the student council of your school, prepare a poster to promote Reading as a good habit and an ideal pass-time.

3. You are the headboy of your school, and you are concerned about the growing number of underage people who consume alcohol in the society today. You feel that consumption of Alcohol is dangerous to the health, therefore you have decided to draw a poster to promote awareness about this bad habit. You are Hardik Bansal.

4. Draw a poster to invite students of grades eight to ten to attend the annual inter-school  English debate competition. Supply relevant information such as date, time, venue, and perhaps the names of some of the participating schools.

5. You are the Principal of the Sunrise Public School, B-Block, Pitampura. Draft a poster to inform the students about the forthcoming Book Fair that is going to take place in your school. Furnish necessary details such as the names of well-known publishers, the type of books that will be available, whether or not this will include the sale of stationery, time, date, and venue.

6. You are the Fine-arts in-charge at the New Era Public school. After a whole month's preparation, your students have finally completed their work on their fine arts projects. These include paintings, clay models,  and sculptures from the renaissance period. Now you would like to host a Fine Arts Exhibition to encourage the students and promote Fine Arts as a subject, and a serious hobby. Draft a poster to encourage a large number of students to visit the exhibition which will take place in the main auditorium of the school. Furnish details such as the time and date. Also, mention if you will have a famous artist coming in to inaugurate the exhibition.

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