Thursday, 12 February 2015

About the Blog : Rodrick Writes

Rodrick Writes is just about anything that comes to the mind of the writer. This is a blog for students, educationists, readers, writers, professionals, and just about anyone. The specific purpose behind this blog is to celebrate the urge to write and share one's thoughts. Another purpose behind maintaining this blog has been to have a sort of digital diary for saving thoughts, scraps of information, and photographs for the express purpose of publishing these at a later stage. The writer of this blog was able to collate a few poems in the blog and publish them at a later stage as a book titled, Dew Drops, A Collection of poems. The same happened to the large number of short stories that had been published in the blog. The writer was able to collect these and has published them as a book titled, The Andromeda Connection, A Journey in Time. Both these books are being sold worldwide as E-Books and Soft cover books. For teachers and educationists there are articles, treatises and observations from the writer's experience as an educationist with more than two decades of teaching experience. Last but not least are the writer's very own students who have time and again requested for specific insights on their lessons, which the writer has tried to provide. 
To repeat what has already been mentioned above, Rodrick Writes is blog that celebrates the joy of writing, the joy of being alive and appreciating life in all its forms, whether in the form of poems, short stories, travelogues, or just photographs. If the reader thinks that the posts just feel lousy and suck, then his apologies are due with the addition that the reader might look at the posts like one might peep into someone's diary and glance through the scribblings of an obsessive writer and a photographer!
Rodrick Writes goes a few years back to the year 1998 when blogging was still a novelty. Back then, there were limited sites where aspiring writers could publish their posts. What began as posts with a few words interspersed with few photographs soon became articles and short stories exceeding a thousand words. Today, the blog is well received by quite a few readers, some of whom are acquaintances of the owner of the blog. The owner of the blog would welcome any suggestions and observations from his readers as to how further improvements can be made to the blog for the specific purpose of furthering the joy of writing and the joy of reading!
Thanks for your support,
Rodrick Rajive Lal

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