Sunday, 22 February 2015

Surajkund Crafts Fair 2015, a glimpse

The flash spoiled the effect!
This time when I visited the  annual Surajkund Crafts Fair  in Faridabad, it was after a gap of many years. What was new this time was the sight of the helicopter flying around the site and the presence of a number of security personnel. It was the second last day, the fourteenth of February when we visited the Fair, and my, was it crowded! The last three or four kilometres were the hardest what with an already narrow lane being chock a block with vehicles from the whole world converging on the venue. Since we had come from a long way off, that is Gurgaon, I decided to continue doggedly on! My family members will blame me, but then for me, the Crafts Fair, I knew would provide me ample opportunities to practice my DSLR skills, and I decided to stick with a 18-55 mm lens. The other members in the group would enjoy purchasing junk jeweller items and any other fanciful handcrafted items that came to their attention. Fact of the matter is that I stayed with them for some time and then slipped away to view the artefacts on display and to take snaps. Of course I rejoined them after an hour and a half, thanks to the gadget, the cell phone! And yes, if you ask me whether I got my treasure trove of sights, well yes, I am afraid, I did get what I wanted, and my family, my sister and her kids too had lots of fun as you might be able to see in the snaps that I have pasted here.
Nothing can of course beat the lure of junk jewellery!
These hanging decorative lanterns looked rather colourful during day time, I wonder how they would look at night!
And how did that peacock get up there? With its wings, of course!
A back drop of Masks makes for good contrast!

A moment to rest for this gentleman after a hectic day! He allowed me to steal a candid moment!
Of course Nidhi and I were there too, I had asked Aastha to take a snap.
Tilted towards one side? Well, that is because of the slope!
If paper flowers could thrill, how much more impressive would real flowers of this size enthral? Remembering Jack and the Beanstalk!

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