Sunday, 8 February 2015


Slick as the stream that flows down the gentle slopes,
Do the centuries pass by, barely ruffled by turmoil of revolutions,
Of men that deign to create a mild disturbance to the flow.
Brief eddies that but mark the smooth slide of histories great,
Human vanity that would dare disrupt the slick flow of time,
Imperial men who’d thought they could halt her flow!

Slick as the waxed legs of beautiful women down which slips
A pair of silken pair of stockings, so time does slide in smooth sinuous
Manner. So,be pleasant if you would please to move with the time!
But then should you have the temerity to cast a stone into the smoothly
Flowing stream of time? Wherefore dost thou, knowing that thou art but
A midge, defy the slick passage of the mighty flow of time?

Slick as the eagle that glides through the winds and clouds does
The stream flow, disrupted not the least by small men that dare cause
Minor disruptions in the flow of celestial events,
And children do while away the costly hours in wasteful banter,
Not heeding the advice of elders and teachers, that the slick stream
Waits for none, and sure it benefits to grab time by the horns ere it flees!

Slick like the bolt that slips through well oiled catches,
The stream does slip as slick as the eel that slips
Through eager but careless grasps of inexperienced boys,
Who would accompany their fathers on fishing trips.
Ah! Well a well, if only we'd grasp the import of each minute,
Thus does the stream slip through fingers wide!

So do boys and girls spend their time in friendly banter,
As the One who knows, looks quietly on with a sad manner,
For youth will not listen to the voice of prudence, for what would matter
When the joy of being young does befuddle the mind with madness?
Sad it is to know that squeals of laughter will soon turn into
Sighs of sadness as we reminisce joyful times when was no care!

Slick is time with newly wed men and women waiting to consummate
Their love as night dawns into day, sweet nothings that create
A life of struggle with bawling children and snappy nights,
The newly weds slip into the routine chores of life.
For, as the novelty of wedded bliss does wear away, all that remains
Are memories and promises of the day that pass into knots!

A sadness does alight on to the minds of loves and victors,
As the excitement does wane, routine and  familiarity that creates
A sense of dejection as slick as a snake that slips
Through the hole; so do joy and elation slide into nothingness,
To leave thus a bitterness, an after taste of ashes in the mouth!
But then, surely do dreams and memories mount the mounds of time!

So grab hold of the moment and treasure each breath you take,
Believing it to be your last! Savour so, the moment, make,
It memorable, and lest you should lose it, shake
It well so that you might treasure the bitter with the sweet.
For slick as the sun that rises, golden glorious so does loving  joy
Return, to those that look beyond their saddened minds!

Slick as the sun that rises, glorious golden does joy return,
For those that await it patiently, with baited breath, and hope to turn
Tides of fortune that did but fester. But Joy in an urn
Did wait all the while, slick as the innocent smiles of children,
Now here, now there! If only you’d see the smiling blooms
Of rose and daffodil blooms, but alas! you saw but naught!

For slick as drops that drop from heaven’s heights,
Do flavours us feed with joy and sadness, bitter and sweets
All, but a cornucopia of flavours to choose from! Learn you that as
Sweet turns to bitter, for slick as the stream that flows,
Do flavours change, and lest you be left out cold, prick yourself
With cold reason, that cycles do change like feet that skip!

Slick as the times that change, will lovers meet again,
To spin tales of sweet nothingness, while great commanders regain
Their childhood and play with toy soldiers and whimper as mighty guns
Boom over their heads! the mighty become tame and the swift
Become lame! and all the while the slave in chains does shout,
“Stop!” And the guns fall silent, slick as the times that change.

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