Wednesday, 24 January 2018

A Guru's disappearing Wetland - A Poem

In the land of the Guru,
People sell off their wetlands for money,
If he were to live again, how angry he'd be!

Dawn approaches - a herder drives
His flock to pastures (green?) even as
 The two click a shrinking lake.

Have we forgotten lessons
Of yore, to save and conserve, ponds
And lakes for dry times?

But a golden greed does
Drive away, eyes, from shrinking lakes
And rearing concrete structures!

Ugly concrete blocks,
Stand, dark, empty; haunted with souls
Of displaced trees and birds.

And each day he wakes,
And finds less water, to drink! Alas,
 He sold the pond for shekels!

For this poem a tribute is
To a Garden of Eden that once was,
Where Man drove himself out.

Sights such as these
Will but dreamy memories please,
Even as the desert advances.

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