Thursday, 11 January 2018

Of fish bees and grubs - A Poem

Hop, hop, hop goes the fly-catcher,
If not a fly, then a grub will do!
A dance here and a step there,
If not a fly then a grub will do!

Perched on a string, stare the Bee-eaters, (with 
Intent Kohl-painted eyes) into the wind
For a bee to eat. If not a bee then a fly with
Zest will do, even as they flit into the wind.

A knock here and a poke there, wonder
What a Hoopoe is doing on the ground!
Drill n hammer balanced well, as under
A tree it hops, if not worm a fly to pound.

A dive here, a jump there, snap goes
The beak on a lazy fish, the Kingfisher
Sits back to eat its fish! If a fish won't
Do, a frog will do for a change of taste!

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