Saturday, 6 January 2018

What is Respect ?

There has been an unending debate regarding the meaning of Respect in the context of School Education. Teachers believe that students today are disresEducation experts put the blame on teacher incompetence. Parents blame teachers for driving their children into depression. Teachers reach a stage of burnout much before retirement. Students don't want to become teachers. Education policymakers who are no longer in touch with actual classrooms come up with fantastic theories about how to handle students so that there is a culture of respect. But then, what actually is Respect? Where does it come from? Who is responsible for promoting a culture of respect? The fact of the matter is that respect for others come only when one respects one's self. Quality of the Nation is known by the people who are ready to wait for their turn in a queue. The culture of respect in a nation is reflected in its people who pay their taxes honestly. We cannot, therefore, ignore the importance of promoting a culture of respect in our classrooms so that it, in turn, is reflected in everyday life. The concept of Respect might perhaps be better understood through the slides posted below:

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