Friday, 26 January 2018

This is how we celebrated Republic Day at School

All of us, staff, family, and children alike braved the morning fog and blustery winds and headed to school for the flag-hoisting event and the get-together afterwards. It was also, 'Family Day'  an event that all of us look forward to. It is an occasion when staff members bring their family members and we all get to meet the family. School incidentally is one big family and it is all about having one day of sangati togetherness. What can be a better day than Republic Day to celebrate communion! Without saying more, I would like to share a few snaps of the event.

The Staff School choir regaled us with some lively patriotical numbers that reminded us of the sacrifices and the joy of the freedom fighters who laid down their lives while fighting for the country's freedom.

But then, 26th of January was also about getting together and having our photographs clicked even as we celebrated the Republic Day with great joy and enthusiasm.

Manit Sir's dynamism and energy could be seen even as he delivered a speech on the importance of Republic Day.

Nishchint Sir made an important announcement that made everyone jump with joy! The announcement was a Christmas gift for everyone present.

Happy times indeed, memories are made of these!

It was all about Family!

And I came across a wonderful and amazing couple!

It was also about food, amazing food it was too!

And Food.

And more food!

But then the together time could not be missed out and with the sun coming out it was great!

And that selfie, folks were vying to get one of those famous selfies. I will get one shared too!

Each time we drive in through the gates he is there to greet us with a smile and a wave of hands!

Ever smiling enough to light up the day, could one miss them?

And of the power of folk music, who can deny its potency!

In the melee were great people even as they melded into one rhythm...

Mmmm...I don't have more words... though I do have a few more photographs. I fear lest Google Baba should shut me down for posting too many snaps on the blog. Anyway, I guess I will risk it and share a few more snaps and a few lines in verse!

And he led them in the dance,
Each group playing its own tune,
In a Jugalbandi that drove the
Gathered ones in a frenzy
That was borne out of a joy
Of celebrating the Republic Day
Grateful people of a Nation of
Great thinkers, Mathematicians
And Doctors, and Economists
Who drafted their own constitution
A Document worthy of appreciation!

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