Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Green Pastures of Life

So have I left the green pastures of life,
Seeking adventure in a land barren of life!
The desert sands roll on till the line of sight,
To grow a blossom full bright on the site!

The dunes of sand roll on and on,
The land barren of life, methinks on,
Was it foolhardy to leave a life so rich,
Folly it is to grow wheat on sands so rich!

The people so lazy and so complacent,
That they stir not from their shells so recent,
Of a new life so full of wonders know they not,
But to laze and doze be their wont!

So think I of a life lost in greenery,
To cajole them to wake to a life of creativity,
Be a thought imaginary,
Futile be my wish for a life of activity!

So tell I them to live a life of trust,
But my words drift in sands of mistrust,
For a people so filled with distrust,
Of whom may I trust?

So tell me my friends whom I trust,
“Why waste you your time on fools,
Who while their time in speculation,
Of what the sand of time might deliver?”

Seek I to ope the eyes of those who sleep,
Of a life of prosperity!
But choose they a life of sleep,
To doze while the harvest rots!

For so might the sands yield,
A harvest so rich and grand.
For to work hard and hard,
Might grant them a life so grand!

But the sands of laziness,
Binds them to live of leisure,
Know ye of the grasshopper,
Which sang while the ant toiled.

But yet may I turn the desert sands,
Into a land so rich,
Toil I alone to turn the sands so rich,
That my people might feed so rich!

I lament of their life filled with folly
And pride, for what might they not gain,
With hard work and struggle!
Together may we turn the sand to fields so rich!

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