Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Why Crucify Him again and again?

We bicker and fight amongst ourselves,
Forgetting the supreme sacrifice of Jesus!
For what did He teach, but to love one another.
But, putting self before others, we care
Less for one who laid down his life for us!

Why have we forgotten his teaching?
Blessed are those who are poor in spirit,
And blessed are the meek, the righteous,
The merciful and the pure, the peacemakers
For they are all  loved by him!

But crucify we Him by insulting others,
And persecute others, and say evil!
For when we become selfish and cruel,
We cause hurt to Him, who died for us!
To ignore His teaching be a curse to us!

And so think I to myself, why have we become
So insensitive and cruel? For to win the race
Is our aim, where kindness and charity have no place!
To win the race we trample and crush those who
Our brothers and sisters would be!

We give service to Mammon and the god of Gomorrah,
And believe in Carpe Diem, for a tomorrow
That might never come!   Crush  we,and trample
Dreams before they arrive,  slash and destroy,
Lives before they’re born!

For selfishness and conceit lead the horde,
While greed and cruelty bring the rear!
Pelf and self be treasured traits, of a
Society fed on a diet of violence!
The milk of human kindness runs dry.

The rivers of blood  unfettered flow.
Mothers watch  their children die while,
Kill we the one who our child be. Slash
And burn becomes us so! To crush hope
   Suits us so! So crucify him so!

So we unleash the dogs of war,
And they,baying, thirsty for blood close
In for the kill! Ate in close attendance,
Bids them feed, on human despair,
While a child whimpers  for a mom who is not there !

Looks He from Upon the Cross, pity
  Writ large on a face wreathed with pain,
While a heartless people set him on the Cross
Again and again! For mercy and pity have left!
Cruelty and greed reign supreme!

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