Friday, 11 November 2011

Macro Photography-Photographing exotic insects, and flowers

Macro Photography deals with the photography of close up objects, especially those objects where the distance between the lens and the object is measured in millimetres! I enjoy taking snaps of insects, flowers, and other such objects where you have to really get close! I have pasted below some photographs which were taken where the lens of the camera was almost touching the insects! Hope you enjoy them!

  • Get really close and personal!
  • Avoid breathing loudly!
  • Mind your shadow!
  • Don’t move too much!
  • Take your time, any way, the insect will fly away if it has to!
  • Avoid using the flash during day-time!

The above two photographs constitute what is called Macro Photography.
The above two photographs were taken close up. I was worried lest I should startle the Butterfly!

These three photographs were taken with extreme zoom coupled with the Macro Function.
The Cactus flower blossoms only at night, so you should be able to photograph it at night. In this case, the flash had to be used!

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  1. I recall a certain instance when you rushed with your camera to click an inspiring moment , which, now I can see is truly a wonderful way of bringing forth natures exotic micro life through the lens. I have never seen such colorful and exotic insects so close. Thanks for enabling me appreciate GODS Creation.