Friday, 18 November 2011

Inauguration of the St.Thomas School Multimedia Lab by the Rt.Reverend Sunil Singh, the Bishop of the Diocese of Delhi, and a Visit By the Very Revd. Pamela Tankersley

On Saturday, the fifth of November were graced by the Rt.Reverend Sunil Singh the Bishop of the Diocese of Delhi, The Revd.Prabhakar Malhan, the Secretary of the Diocese of Delhi, Dr.A.D.Lyall, the Vice President of The Diocesan  Education Board, The Very Reverend Pamela Tankersley, (Ex-Moderator of New Zealand) Mr.Rihan Prasad, a representative of the Friends of Jagadhri Trust, members of the family of Dr.Porteus, and a team of dignitaries from New Zealand. It was a red letter day for us in the school as our Bishop had arrived to inaugurate the new Computer Lab and the new Library of the school! I would like to thank the Rt. Revd. Sunil Singh, the Bishop of Delhi for his vision of the school as a centre of excellence, and Dr.A.D.Lyall for working so hard in making the vision come true, and Mr.Chauhan for working on the finer points. Today we have modern, up to date computer labs and a wonderful library where the readership is increasing in leaps and bounds. The hard work of the management and the vision of our Chairman have ensured that the school is second to none in the region. Without saying more, I have pasted below some photographs on the occasion:

The Rt.Revd.Sunil Singh Unveiling the plaque of the new Computer Lab at the senior branch

A gathering of dignitaries

Mr.Rihan Prasad, and the Very Revd.Pamela Tankersley from New Zealand addressing the gathered audience

Sharon, the daughter of Dr.Chisholm, addressing the gathering as an old student
Students decorating the place
The school choir, prepared by Mr. Salim
Students waiting for the dignitaries to arrive
The dignitaries on the occasion
Students waiting to welcome the guests
A photograph taken by Acharya Ninan
Mr.David Benjamin, the M.C. on the ocassion
A visit to the Junior branch by the team from New Zealand
In the two photographs above we can see the members of the New Zealand delegation at the Junior Branch
At the Principal’s office
At the junior branch
Welcoming the Delegates from the junior branch

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  1. WOW ! It is amazing to see how tirelessly you are able to promote your school so effectively. Do you know , corporates have to shell out millions of rupees for branding ! And thinking about it even the IT section either internal or appointed consultants can never give this kind of exposure. I call this as effective governance , creating an awareness to the developments of the institution and projecting it effectively globally ( I do take care of some branding for my company but not so effectively ) . I am confident that many across the globe have come to know about your institution through you . The developments and steady progress is quite evident. The pictures are great with some candid ones shinning out. Great team !!!