Monday, 21 November 2011

Photographing Nature

It is a great joy to photograph all things Natural. Scenic landscapes, birds, flowers, streams, rivers and clouds are beautiful and every photographer wishes to capture these in order to enjoy them at leisure. Birds which are often shy and elusive are the most difficult to capture. Unfortunately, most of the detail is lost when the photographer uses a zoom. Birds are very shy and they don’t seem to like being photographed. It is as if they view the camera as a weapon or a gun which is being trained at them! Often lugging a tripod, threading the camera to it might cause the photographer to lose a unique flight of birds, or perhaps even an insect. It makes good sense to use a tele-photo lens to capture a distant object, but then the best photographs are taken close up! Even insects, including butterflies are shifty and suspicious! The slightest movement scares them away! The best the photographer can do is to avoid  movement and move as slow as a sloth bear! I keep visiting the Dadupur Barrage in the Yamuna Nagar District of Haryana with the hope of capturing a special moment, and some of these I have pasted below:
This mug with a brush caught my eyes. It was the property of a truck driver who had stopped at the banks of the river to perform his ablutions. Think of Man co-existing with Nature!

The man crossing the stream caught my eyes, it reminded me of Moses crossing the Red Sea!


Birds in flight are amazing. In the lower photograph you can see some ducks in flight. The wake in the water shows that the birds have just taken off.
This silhouette of a Kingfisher was all that I could get of a rather nervous Kingfisher.
This little bird seemed so full of energy as it darted from place to place!
This bird seems to be trying its level best not to fall into the water. I noticed it catching an insect, and dipping it in the water, before gobbling it!

This snake would poke its head out of the water (perhaps to breathe) at regular intervals.



I saw these lovely wild flowers and thought they deserved a close-up! You can see the ants in the upper photograph!

This butterfly gave me the chance to photograph it close up!
The Cormorant with its webbed feet seemed to be at peace with its surroundings!
This tree seemed to have the torso of a man with hands stretched out into the sky!
A cormorant landing on water defies the laws of Physics!
And ultimately, a trophy for the patient man! All the fruit of Nature-A golden Trout!

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