Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A Child’s Dream-A Poem

I flew on wings of fantasy so light,rising on thermals of joy and hope,
And crossed  the rainbow bridge of colours so bright, which
Beckoned to me to savour  delights. To a world so rich,
Journeyed I, to  a world so fresh,
With scents so rich.
The smiles of poor children buoyed me so
My inner eye did  show  me a sight so  bright!
My senses would reel with pleasures so rich,
Drunk with joy, fain would I awake,
As I slept so deep and deep,
The Earth did slip away so fast, and fast!
As I rose on my wings so light,
The cares of the world did slip me by! The
Rainbow bridge did beckon to me, to cross over,
To a world so bright-where sadness find
No place to hide! And so did I sleep a sleep so deep,
That I forgot my hunger, oh, so deep! My mother and father,
Have gone so far, to find us food and hope to cheer!
While my sister and I, sleep by the road so loud,
A hunger of want forgotten in dreams!
But that my sister and I, are children so rich, so to feed
Others  like us so hungry, so sad! I wish that the
Morrow might bring a morsel so dear, that dreams might turn to
Reality so fair. So do I float across the sky, with  soul so light.
With hope so great. like a butterfly do I flit, across the greens, with
Flowers so bright. And so I ride on dreams so fair, buoyed with colours
So bright so pure. And now do I rise on wings of hope, that the morrow might
Bring its shares of joy. Where hunger does not sink its teeth so sharp-to
Drive away a dream so fair! From one world would I fly, to a world so fair,
With colours so bright which light the inner eye.
And  look I down at the world asleep,
The little girl and boy so hungry and sad!
And I drop a drop of dew, to make them smile in their sleep so deep!
For if the morrow does dawn, sure it’ll bring a dawn so rich, where all of us
Will sail the winds so fair, and cross the bridge of colours so fair! And
Scents so rich we’ll feed anon, another day of hunger shall we know just naught!
And so  sail I on my wings of fancy, and look at a world of sleeping ones!
The rainbow bridge does beckon to me. And so I float to a world so rich,
Where my brothers and sisters  grow so rich, where  pangs of
Hunger would flee so fast!
And so do I look down at a world asleep, as I rise above on thermals
So light! So would I be like a butterfly so light, and to drink of scents so fine!
My brothers and sisters would I transport, to a world of food and joy so rich.
And so would I dream of a world so fair, that hunger and thirst would we know no more!
But then down to Earth do I float me down, as the Sun does rise above a
Horizon so sure! And so I smile to my sister beside,
As the day promises to bring us food so rich.
But dreams do fill a stomach so empty.

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  1. respected sir, would you be able to write about the ophius cordiceps unilateralis (the fungus) and free will?

    ( The fungus enters an ant's body through its respiration. It invades it's brain and changes how it perceives smell, because ants do everything they do from their smell of pheromones, right? So this microscopic little fungal spore, then makes the ant climb up the stem of a plant and bite hard on a leaf, with an abnormal force. The fungus then kills the ant, and continues to grow, leaving the ant's exoskeleton intact. So, a small fungus drives an ant around as a vehicle, uses it as food and shelter and then as the ultimate monument to itself. And when the fungus is ready to reproduce, its fruiting bodies grow from the ant's head and rupture releasing the spores, letting the wind carry them to more unsuspecting food. There, our entire idea of free will down the bin.)

    this quote is fascinating yet i have not understood it fully.