Monday, 30 September 2013

Betrayal-A Poem

What would you do when people of your own faith
Betray you for their own good? Would you question your faith
In your Maker just because his men let you down for the sake
Of making a killing in terms of the lucre they would take?
They would not cut down the sapling before it became a tree,
But did not hesitate to drop you like hot coals that burned their fee,
For though they were the anointed ones, Mammon did they choose
O’er  the Lord of purity, for they did not want wealth to loose!

So, then would you blame the Maker for making men so fickle,
That would sell their own for a couple of shekel?
Were they of belief so shallow that they’d sleep
A fitful sleep, but then they  are victims of sleepless nights!

So do they preach of faith and trust, while they do scheme
Of ways to mint-theirs is not a life of peaceful dream,
For do they toss and turn in nightmares so sere!
But would I forgive them for they know not what they bear!

Of the cross so dross do they bear, with none to help, none,
To share- for are they lonely in their road so lone,
As they trudge on the road so bare!
Forsooth did they uproot a tree so fair, for to carry a cross drear!
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So they wear souls so stark, as they trudge the lonely road!
Would you curse them for what they did, and add
To their burden so harsh, as they climb a hill so sharp?
But why dwell on wrongs that hurt so sharp?
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If you  were prey to lack of noble natures so few,
Would you add to your grief that were so few,
Compared to those that betrayed you so?
For do they bear a cross that weighs them so!

And so are they dressed in purple so regal,
Yet do they stink of carrion flesh to gall
The toughest of veterans, on a battlefield so
Harsh, where fallen souls do lie in restless sleep!

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