Thursday, 19 September 2013

On building a School for you–A poem

I see before me, a sight of frenzied action!
Men in in yellow hard hats bobbing up and down,
Iron rods reach up to the sky,bare fingers pointing
At a sky so high! So does a new shape emerge,
The result of all those men and women, coming
Together, to make a structure stand where none was there!
I see before me men lugging bags of mortar,
Hauling  iron rods, tying wires, moving around-
All moving with a combined goal,and none do rest!
They do remind me of frenzied ants, that, before
Winter, homes with food do stock-a lesson for all
That ants do teach!
The sound of the drill cutting through the lintel,
The shriek of the saw as it cuts through a wall
  All music to the ears- like birds which nest!
A building which will stand testimony to the work
They have put in! And soon will there be a building
Where none was there!
Of the workers, none will remain,
Save the edifice that will live on, a testimony
To the frenzied work of the men and women,
While yellow hats bobbed, drills did grind,
And iron rods probed into a sky, soon to be
Clothed in concrete so thick!
For workers will come and go,
But the monument they build will through years.
A time will come when the noise of drills and shriek of
Saws falls silent-and hats won’t bob, rods won’t probe.
But sure, will be replaced by noisy  children darting
Forth as the bell does ring-for a school it was,
That they had built!
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1 comment:

  1. respected sir, would you be able to write about the ophius cordiceps unilateralis (the fungus) and free will?

    ( The fungus enters an ant's body through its respiration. It invades it's brain and changes how it perceives smell, because ants do everything they do from their smell of pheromones, right? So this microscopic little fungal spore, then makes the ant climb up the stem of a plant and bite hard on a leaf, with an abnormal force. The fungus then kills the ant, and continues to grow, leaving the ant's exoskeleton intact. So, a small fungus drives an ant around as a vehicle, uses it as food and shelter and then as the ultimate monument to itself. And when the fungus is ready to reproduce, its fruiting bodies grow from the ant's head and rupture releasing the spores, letting the wind carry them to more unsuspecting food. There, our entire idea of free will down the bin.)

    this quote is fascinating yet i have not understood it fully.