Sunday, 29 September 2013

Purple Host-A Poem

Were there a moment of lightness so promised?
But smothered away by those who preach the promised
Salvation, but are themselves so lost and confused,
Who promise a palace in heaven, but are themselves
Headed towards the deepest pit!

For in councils do they sit while they hesitate not
In casting aspersions on those who would not,
Steal or rob of the flock of sheep,
For they state the Management loved him not!
And they sit on golden thrones munching on
Delights and enjoying forbidden pleasure
That are theirs’ no more than mine. And sow
They the seeds of confusion amongst the
Blessed flock that they might continue to gloat
And feast on a fare of innocent souls!
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So has the purple host lost its flock as it basks
In glory and glitz, while the her of sheep flocks
Towards a dusty dawn of confusion and mistrust
And fight amongst themselves! Purple host
Do continue to sow dissent amongst their flocks,
Not bothering to protect them from the ranging wolf,
And they do gorge on spoils of war, while
Their men do plot the craziest of schemes,
To quell dissenting voices, lest they be dethroned,
Oh, men of little faith! Why do you draw the
Wrath of one? For if He is a Forgiving Lord,
Beware of his wrath, lest you be withered in
The stem, while your flock do wander to
Greener pastures and prosper without
The Purple Host!
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