Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Journey of life – A poem

Yes, I am a traveler of life,
And the journey is long; the twists and turns  are many,
And the road never so plain.  The ups and downs are heady,
They promise an eventful journey!

Many the roadside scenes have I seen:
A group of  noisy children, grubby but  keen!
A couple of geese waddling across the road.
Yes, I am a traveler of Life and have seen it all!

The addict stands in the centre of a  road, directs
Traffic with verve and swerve,  unafraid, as
   monsters, roaring, bear on him! And sure,
  Have I seen it all for I am a traveler of Life!

I see a couple of girls giggle over ice-cream
While  two children sleep on mats  next to them,
Two children whose parents sell fruits on a cart.
Yes,  have I seen it all on my travels of life.
So does my journey speak of sweets and bitters
Sours and hot,   all in a single morsels!
I’ve seen the innocent smiles of a child
  And the tears of the destitute sitting by the road!

Yes, I’m a traveler of life,
And sure, have I seen it all - the twists
And kinks, dips and rises -  eventful
Like a river that flows down  a hill!

The weeping of the aggrieved, and the laughter
Of  the happy, the anticipation of victory,
And the fear of impending defeat -  two faces
  Of a coin, that promise a journey eventful enough!

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