Thursday, 5 September 2013

Celebration of Teacher’s Day by the S.P. Group in The Heritage School-Gurgaon

Teacher’s day was celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm in the Heritage school, Gurgaon. Students of the Senior Programme acknowledged the contribution of their teachers with cards and chocolates. On the fourth of September, members of the student council organised a function in which they played a video of the interviews they had taken to find out what students thought about their teachers. Many of the teachers were moved to tears when they heard what the students had to say about their best teachers! After the presentation, students, members of the student council, distributed awards to the teachers.  The awards were based on feedback received from students.
On the fifth teachers of the S.P. Group assembled in the Physics lab for a power-point presentation dedicated to each teacher in the group. Vishnu, our SPL said some words of encouragement to all the teachers and team leaders. He appreciated and acknowledged the roles of each teacher and also appreciated the  efforts put in by each teacher as members of the Senior programme team. I wish to add that as a teacher, the respect and acknowledgement that I have received from any of the Managements of the two schools that I worked in before  the Heritage School exceeds what I have received from my present school! 
The day ended with a fantastic treat given to all the teachers by the Management of the school. Of course we grabbed hold of our special caps, and many of us wore them till the end of the day!

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