Monday, 19 March 2012

Arguing Hornbills

Today while taking a round in the school campus I came across a pair of Hornbills perched in the midst of the branches of a Eucalyptus tree. I was told that these Hornbills had the habit of pecking at their reflections in the window panes of the Junior branch of the school in which I work! I found them really interesting and decided to take snaps of them. They seemed to be quite familiar with each other and seemed to be a rather close knit pair! Today it has become very difficult to see them in and around the capital city of the country. Seeing one is wonderful, but then seeing a pair of them is better still!
IMG_0168                   IMG_0173
It seems as if the fellow on the right is trying to convince the bird on the left.Guess birds too have arguments amongst themselves!
IMG_0174                   IMG_0177
The bird on the left doesn’t seem to be convinced by the arguments of the bird on the right. Oh, my guess is that some birds will never be convinced easily! Pointing the head upwards could be a sign of agreement?
IMG_0178                   IMG_0179
Look at their body language! They turn towards each other and then they turn away from each others in disagreement!

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