Monday, 12 March 2012

Driving with Bullock-Carts! A Poem

The  bullock  cart rocks  forward,   wheels lurch  over a  pot-hole,
While   a gleaming red  sportster purrs  throatily,  skimming  over
Ditches,  and  potholes  ready to take off as soon as  lights  turn
Green.  Both  bullock   cart   and  sportster  wait while dogs  dash
Around  chasing chickens clucking in  annoyance  and  distress!


The  light  turns  green,  and  sportster leaps  while the bullock cart
  Lurches  forward!  The motorcycles  vrooms, drivers  wave  at   the
Bullock Cart driver in triumph! Chickens scuttle, and dogs scamper
Lest  tails be crushed and egos hurt while all   dash forth in a  mad
Rush ere the lights turn red, and they miss the party on page three!


  Alas, the whole  troop of  sportster,   bullock  cart  and    Motorcycle
  Meet   again   at    the    next  red   light  simmering   with   rage,  as
  They  cool   their  heels,  waiting  for a  green signal! The sportster’s
  Driver   glares   at   the   bullock   cart  driver   and  the   Motorcycle
   Rider fumes  with impatience,  while  they  cook in the summer  heat!
Thus,  it   happens  that   Porsche,  Ducati,   and   Bullock   cart,
All share the same  road  with  Buffaloes,  Dogs,  and   Chicken.
They   all have  a  destination  in  mind,  and  they  all  move  at
The   same    pace!   Speed   doesn’t   matter, here,  it  is  what
The road allows!So take your time while the road takes you  on!
Remember  me  right, when you  drive  on  this  road  unique, do
Not  think  you can  beat  the   traffic  light!  Speeding will make it
Only  worse when you  are  caught up by  the bullock cart and he
Smiles  at  you while you  fume  with  frustration  and  anger!  You
Can only go as fast as the road allows you,and not just by speed!

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