Saturday, 3 March 2012

A field of flowers-A poem


A host of flowers stretches down the horizon,
With pinks, whites, and reds,and yellows fair!
The senses reel with scents so rich in the air!

Nodding,  smiling  and  waving in  the  wind,
They  promise  a  life  awash  with fulfilment!
A  feast rich  for  those  who  pause  to  rest!

The  cup which overfills  with  nectar  sweet,
Calls  to  them  to take a sip,that they might
Find a  bountiful life filled with joy ‘n’ grace!

While  some sip from  the red  cup,  others
Sip  from the  yellow, while  some  sip  from
The  pink cup. All satiated  lie  intoxicated!

The butterflies dance , the bees buzz, and  birds
Sing!  The whole  world  feasts. The table’s  laid,
A  treat  aplenty, for  those who   deign to tarry!

The scent of bergamot and cinnamon sharp,
Entwine  with the  scent of  Jasmine smooth,
To   send   sweet   dreams   to  tired  minds!

While  flowers  bloom,  and  dreams  realise,
A  wish fulfilled, and  victory  near, of  lovers
Won and babies born! The world celebrates
Of  birth  and  joy!  And  you and I sing aloud!

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  1. Sir i really like the butterfly you clicked