Sunday, 18 March 2012

Some more Birds

One morning I came across a strange bird that looked somewhat like a crow, and yet it had feathers which were a light tan colour. I couldn’t help taking a snap of this rather venerable bird!
Another day, I heard a bird singing with a rather loud voice from the branches of a tree next to the balcony. When I went out to see it, I was surprised to see that it was a rather small bird, barely three inches in length. When it saw me raise my camera, it seemed rather cross and ruffled! Look for yourselves and decide whether or not it appears to be rather cross!
You can very clearly observe that the leaves seem to be bigger than the bird itself.
One weekend I observed a pair of Ducks cavorting in the water. Perhaps they were the last of the Migratory birds in Jagadhri and they seemed to be very much involved with each other!
IMG_0146                   IMG_0147

Well, I guess birds will be birds, and there is no denying that we have a lot to learn from them!

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