Sunday, 25 March 2012

Lessons of life - The Sage's Song

Beware     about     wailing  of    losses     lest     they    say,   “ A  Choice   you   made
So    should    you   stick  to   it! ” and   don’t    gnash    teeth for  having listened to that
Love  of  yours,  whom   the  wolf  had convinced so,  that you  should leave the beaten
Path  that fed  you so !” But for that choice, perhaps, I  wouldn’t  be  writing  this poem!

 For  bear   my  lesson  clear, hear  not  what your friends tell you, but listen to what your
Heart   says,  lest  you   should  lose  the comfort of a soft bed and grow thick from lack
Of    exercise!    To   live   a   life  of   risk   will   sharpen   minds   and  build   muscles!
To   make  you  appreciate   the   spice  and  colours  of  life   requires   adventure   rare!

For  so you  stepped  on a path of    risk  and and adventure and challenge so, that
You might  live  life  to  the  fullest  and  savour each flavour of  this  wonderful  life!
And  so took you you hobbies with the greatest zest and  saw  the  birds wonderful,
You saw  flowers  exotic lining the path, all  for you to savour while  the  world slept!

 And, thank your love and those friends  who helped you take  the more  risky path,
Of  a  life filled with adventure  and risk,  that you  should live  a fuller life with fruits
Ripe  and  waiting  to  be plucked.  While  all  sleep  the deep slumber of food and
Drink,  you  walk  the  paths of life, savouring the scents  and tastes  of a rich kind!

  For  remember  me so, your life  depends on  what you choose, but  choose it wise,
Lest you  should  wail!  A life of comfort  fattens,  and dulls the minds, of those  that
Sleep,  but  life  presents her gifts dear  only to  those who remain awake and alert!
For  me  to  wander  through  the  paths  of   life   would   better  be  than  to  sleep!

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