Saturday, 23 August 2014

A Raw Song of Love

We can light up the night with  our passion, you
And me, our feelings casting a glow to light up
The darkness of hate and jealousy, where they
Destroy each other, turn everything to ashes.
Sure, we could we teach the world a lesson in
Love, which gives to others but doesn’t snatch!

We’d burn up our differences, and teach them
That fight amongst themselves, laying to waste,
Ashes to dust,  fired with hate so profound, as
They wallow in a pit of darkness so deep, they
See not those that light like candles but sputter.

Sure could you and me teach the world a lesson or
Two as we burn the night in our passion, untrammelled
By ego or hate, or jealousy, as bound together in a night
Of love, as we lay aside our differences, sure, we
Could bring time to a standstill as we meld into each other!

Your kisses and smiles, oh so sweet and innocent that
I would surely like to drown in them, I would surely love
To save a bit for the morrow to share some with the others,
To tell them that love does transcend all hatred, that does
Threaten to drown the world in a pool of apathy and mistrust.

Sure we could light up the world with the fire of our
Passion,where the world does fight amongst themselves,
Cutting and hacking at lives with promise with hatred and
Jealousy so deep, that threatens to blanket the world in
The night of apathy and hostility so dark.

Thus will we light up the world with the fire of our
Passion, like two fire-flies intertwined with each other,
To light up the dark path for the lonely traveller
Hurrying on to his wife and children, though we
Might burn in our efforts, but to light the world would
Be our contribution to a world that has no love!

And so we hold each other in our arms, as the night
Marches past, as we kiss a passionate kiss, our souls
That merge with a glow so warm, my love, would I not
Give away my all for your kiss, that would dispel all my
Fears and apprehensions of what the world would say!

Though we might burn to ashes in our passionate
Embrace, you and me, to live another life as a single
Soul would suite us, for together a new world we’d
Make, where the petals of the rose would replace the
Thorns that prick, together we’d win win all to love!

Of love so pure would we sing, all through the night,
Though all do sleep a sleep so shallow,as they plan
Whom to vanquish and mock the next day, like tapers
We’d burn, to light up the path to joy for lovers that pine,
For so is the message of love, that there be light at
The end of the tunnel, a new dawn that greets the defeated!

A message we’d leave for the rest of the world, that though
We’d burn in our passions so great, our love would be
A message that those that love would cast a light for all
To see, that love be better than hatred though it might
Not be approved by those grey-beards that divide asunder.

So for lovers that love so true, would be our message so clear,
‘Tis better to have loved and lost than to have hated and gained,
A bagful of ashes so acrid so bitter! So heed the voice of two
Lovers so sincere, that spend the night in a passion so bright,
That would light up the night so profound and lead the lonely traveller
Home to a heated hearth and a wife and children that love.
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