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“Be the Light,” The Epiphany Church, Gurgaon - Annual Convention 2014

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This year too, the Annual Convention of the Epiphany Church Gurgaon took place on the Fifteenth, Sixteenth and Seventeenth of August and the speaker on the occasion was Mr. B.Prabhakar Chandran, Director, India Youth for Christ, Kerala. The theme on the occasion was, “Let there be light.”
The Sunday School Children at their best
Mr. Prabhakar talked about what constitutes being a Christian. in today’s context, to handle the family, and to shed light not just in the family, but also in the world in which we live. He talked at length about how one’s spiritual life is reflected in the way the family exists. Mr. Prabhakar also  talked about how a Christian is a new man, and this poses a challenge especially in the face of difficulties. He made it clear that “God knows your breaking point and bearing point.” He talked at length about Joseph and his travails as described in the Old Testament. The Lord was with Joseph throughout his life, and thus he was able to come out of tribulation with grace. He was tempted by his Master’s wife and yet was able to hold his own. Mr. Prabhakar made it clear that, “If you want to shine, you should be able to see the fingerprints of the Almighty Lord in the difficult circumstances you are living in. The way you react to the circumstances reflects the kind of faith you have in the Lord.” Mr. Prabhakar went on to state that, “When you become successful, you become vulnerable, and as a Christian you have the duty to be able to resist and fight temptation.” Here he reminded the gathering about how Joseph was able to resist the machinations of his master’s wife who wished to sleep with him. Mr. Prabhakar talked about the meaning of being spiritual. He talked about what being spiritual means. One has to choose between worldly life and a spiritual life. The meetings on the fifteenth and the sixteenth took place in the evenings while on the seventeenth, the meeting took place in the morning.
The Convenor, Mrs. Ruth Nigam and her brother leading the Sunday School Children
The convention was attended by a large number of the members of the congregation. A number of soul inspiring numbers were presented by the  Church Choir, the Women’s Fellowship and the Youth Fellowship. The clinching numbers were presented by the children of the Sunday School and their teachers. All the numbers were truly soul inspiring and the church members who were present were certainly enthralled by the praise and worship numbers presented by the different groups of the church. Mr. Ronojoy Sircar and Mirialm Sircar presented  a number that was appreciated by all. Mrs. Ruth Nigam and her Brother presented a few numbers that were truly soul-stirring.On the first day of the convention we were graced by Revd. Asha Vaid, who had found the time to visit us. Revd.. Sunil S. Ghazan, and Sachin, and Ordinand Sachin contributed a lot to the success of the event. There were two members of the congregation who worked behind the scenes to make the convention a grand success and they were Mr. D.D.Lall and Mr. Sunil Massey - they put in a lot of time and energy in ensuring that the logistics went ahead without a hitch. Without putting in more words, I have pasted all over this post photographs on the occasion which, I feel speak louder than words.
Mr. Naveen Kumar Chauhan, a sportsman by profession deigned to offer his  precious time in translating Mr. Prabhakar’s message in Hindi.
Listening in rapt attention
Preachers and Laity participating in a moment of praise and worship
The Congregation listening in rapt attention to Mr. Prabhakar’s Message
A Spiritual number by Antara and Romina of the WFCS
Members of the Youth Fellowship Presenting their number.
From Left to Right, Mrs. Ruth Nigam, Mrs. Miriam Sircar, Mrs. Ivy Lal and Mr. Ronojoy Sircar presenting a number.
Mrs. Ruth Nigam presenting Revd. Asha Vaid ( Also the first Lady Presbyter of the Diocese of Delhi) with a memento as an appreciation for finding the time to visit us
Miss Namrata Basumata presenting the speaker with a token of thanks
On the concluding day, Mrs. Helen Harrison on the left (The  Hon. Secretary of the Pastorate Committee, and Ms. E.Newton, The Hon. Treasurer of the Pastorate Committee
On the concluding day, prior  to seeing off Mr. Prabhakar

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