Monday, 18 August 2014

Fun with Photography - using mobile phones to take amazing snaps

While visiting a couple of malls in Gurgaon, namely Gurgaon Central, Sahara Mall, and Spencers, I came across a few objects that I felt I had to somehow capture! Since I didn’t have a DSL with me, I felt I had to make do with a simple but good camera on board a Micromax Canvass II mobile phone, and in any case, I came up really pleased! I have pasted as under, a few of the photographs taken on a Sunday afternoon, after attending Sunday Mass.
The Fly on top of this packet of imported stuff made an ideal object to photograph!
The sheer impact of these streamers cannot be missed in this snap!
The colours of the Tricolours could be seen amongst these streamers that hung down from the ceiling of the lobby of one of the malls. It being a Sunday, I just couldn’t buy anything because of the long queues before the sales counters, so I decided to make do with photographing the decorations!
An ingenious use of Tea Boxes at one Mall created a unique model of the Taj Mahal.
The balloons in tricolours brought out the essence of Independence Day.
While it is true that the best possible pastime for most people lies in visiting the Malls in and around Gurgaon. visiting picnic spots in the summer season has become a strict no no, especially because of the heat. Moreover, you might be able to get an attractive enough discount on special days, especially during Independence Day and Republic Day.
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