Sunday, 24 August 2014

Epiphany Church, Gurgaon extends a warm welcome to the Delegates, Councillors for World Vision, (SAARC) and Observers of the forthcoming Synodial Convention in Delhi

Gurgaon, 24.08.2014:Today we were honoured to welcome some of the Delegates to the Synodial Convention taking place in Delhi. We had seven of the Delegates who took out valuable time out of their busy schedule to visit us on a Sunday morning and have Communion with us. Among the delegates who visited us today were the Rt. Rev. S.S. Majaw, of the Presbytarian Church of India, the Moderator of the Schosi Jaintia Diocese, of Meghalaya, Elder Frankincense Dkhar or the Shangpung Presbytarian Church, Jaintia Hills district, Meghalaya State, Rev. Ruth Rekha Michael, of the Subbiah Circle, Bangalore, Rev. Asir Ebenezer, Director, Diagonal Concerns, CSI Synod, Rt. Revd. Samuel Sunil Mankhan, Bishop of the Kushtia Diocese, Bangladesh, Rev. Simson Mazumdar, Church of Bangladesh, City Church, Dean of Rajshahi Deanery, Rajpara, and Mr. Zosiama Thaianglai, Asstt. Secretary, Khristian Youth Fellowship (KYF), Biaterram Presbytarian Church Synod, Lura Village, East Jaintia Hills, District Meghalaya.
Rev. S.S. Majjaw, pictured above delivered the sermon on the day. He drew examples from the book of Haggai and talked at length about how the world exists in danger and how it is up to us to use our time wisely. One should not lose heart in times of tribulation because of the Lord’s promise to be with us always, even when we are in the middle of difficulties!

The Rt. Revd. Samuel Sunil Mankhin, Bishop of the Kushtia Diocese in Bangladesh helped the Presbyter, Revd. Sunil S. Ghazan and Ordinand Sachin with serving Communion.

Mrs. Helen Harrison, the Hon’ Secretary of the Pastorate welcomed the Delegates


  1. It is really active writer can produce an immediate response of any event for many...I admire your strength of working in and outside of Church service. Many thanks for this...God bless you always.

    Ord. Sachin kumar

    1. Thanks Ord. Sachin! God Bless you too!