Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Bricks and Mortar

Bricks and mortar do not a Church so build,
Nor do walls and computers a school so build!
For what the good Lord had said, ‘tis people and pupils
Who make the Church and the school!

Walls and fancy gadgets don’t  churches  and schools define,
‘Tis the culture  of people and their smiles that  mark so fine,
A building that's made of faith, love and grace! Sure a lesson
Should we learn,  that bricks and mortar do not a Church build!

For so have  I learnt a lesson so fine, of  will and spirit
That reign so fine! For what if you’d convert a Church to fit,
The latest  Malls to put to shame? For if you would desire
To quench a thirst, why not with the spirit so fine?

And so to Cardinal and Principal I’d beg to say,
‘Sell not  your temple for a few pounds  to pay.
For sure, ‘tis not the bricks and mortar that a haven
Build, its the the smiles of love that temples do build!

Thus  do I walk a mile , and  see the shambles of
A church that once swayed over one and all! Whereof
Have those that  once prayed gone away? Of the  students
And teachers  see I naught! Of the school all that remains is a ruin!

For surely,Bricks and mortar schools don’t build,
‘Tis the spirit and love that  church and schools do build!
And I the lost wanderer do search for church and schools to see.
But, alas of bricks and mortal  all to see ruins so frail!

Of Cardinals  and Principals little do I see, as a cold wind
Does blow the dust, the mortar, that once did bind,
Of the voices of evensong that once did ring,
All I hear, are whispers of those long gone!

For surely you don’t build a Church and a School
With bricks and mortar and edifice  so full,
Its people who matter so much to drive away the
Silence that blanks out the cries of  empty shells!

For so do I sing a song to please - that brick and mortar
Temples don’t make! A school would I make that  far
Beyond  in years would surely last. To celebrate the spirit so
Great  would I surely use to build a temple so!

So why would you build a fortress so a prison to trap
Innocent souls so dear? For if your want to trap,
The spirits so fair, you’d surely build a castle so sheer.
With brick and mortar that trap the soul!

It is surely the faithful and the curious that
Churches and schools do make, not that
Would I aver, for bricks and mortar only
Dungeons and prison make,

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