Monday, 18 August 2014

Experimenting with still life, close-ups, Macro, and blurring of backgrounds

Sometimes, intentional blurring of the background and the accompanying surreal impact brought about by the shallow depth of field might invest ordinary objects with an otherworldly aspect. My favourite settings for a deliberate blurring of the background includes and f-stop / aperture of 5.6, or less accompanied by an ISO setting of 100 to 200. Depending on the light conditions, you might opt for a shutter speed of 125 to 500, depending on the lighting. I used natural sunlight as using a flashlight was a strict no because most of the miniature objects that I photographed were made of glass or crystal.  I guess you could do a little bit or trial and error experiments with the shutter speed. The Camera I used for the shots below is a Canon 1100-D DSLR.

A Glass Dolphin lights up the Sky

A Glass Dolphin
Camera:Canon 1100D, f-5.6, Exposure 1/500, ISO, 100

The Eifel Tower in Delhi- NCR
Breaking rules, I used the following settings, f-29, speed 1/200, ISO-800, focal length-36 mm, and yes, I used a flash since the object was made of metal and I was shooting into the sun.
he Flying  Glass Tortoise

The Flying  Tortoise
Camera- Canon 1100D, f-11, speed: 1/250, ISO-100 Focal Length- 25 mm

The Two Love-birds

Camera, Canon 1100D, f-11, speed, 1/250, ISO-100, focal length: 25 mm
The Golden Chalice
Camera Canon 1100D, f-11, Exposure 1/250, ISO 100, focal length-25 mm.

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