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Griffin’s Manifesto for a New World Order

Griffin’s Manifesto
In chapter 24 of the Novel, The Invisible Man, Griffin describes his Manifesto for a new world order. This manifesto is provided to Dr. Kemp with the hope that he would be interested in joining forces with Griffin and thus share and taste the benefits. The truth, however is that Dr.Kemp has other things in mind, especially the note that he had sent to Colonel Adye, the Chief of the Burdock Police. Griffin spells out his plans for the new world order in the following terms:
  • He advocates an era of, ‘Judicious Killing,’ a term which is ironical in itself, an oxymoron!
  • He wants to set up a reign of terror in the town of Burdock which would include terrorizing and intimidating the people.
  • Griffin suggests that in his new scheme, all those who are against him and those who support them will be eliminated.
What does the manifesto reveal about the Character of Griffin?
An analysis of this manifesto reveals the inner workings of Griffin’s mind. He might be labelled as a misanthrope who wants to eliminate the human race. What started as a desire for petty mischief like robbing people, or frightening them by shouting in their ears that the devil is in the basket, endus up in something more sinister! now Griffin wants to dominate the world. He might also be seen as a person who is obsessed with power and the desire to take revenge on a society that (he feels) has never acknowledged his capabilities.  Griffin has a grudge against the society this reason! Listening to Griffin's description of his world view Dr. Kemp can't help but call  him, ‘Mad’ and suggests that ‘he has schemes against his species’. While some may call him a megalomaniac, others might call him a person who has a personal vendetta against the society for perceived slights that he thinks have been heaped on his head. To others he might be a misanthrope. We have in Griffin, the qualities of a would be dictator, a person who would like to subjugate humanity through his anti-human policies.
Griffin’s expectations from Dr. Kemp
Griffin, throughout his discourse about his manifesto expects Dr. Kemp to be a ‘Confederate’ in the new scheme of things. By  using  the word, ‘Confederate’   Griffin wants to  offer to Kemp a relationship that would be one between equals, unlike the unequal relationship that exists between Marvel and him. As a Confederate, Griffin expects Dr. Kemp to be wholly in sync with his nefarious schemes. Griffin makes it clear that he wants someone whom he can depend upon, in terms of mental aptitude and capabilities. In Dr. Kemp he sees the opportunity of enjoying financial and material support, food, shelter, and a secure environment free from the fear of being apprehended by the police.
How does Dr. Kemp react to Griffin's offer
 Dr. Kemp however is clearly not interested in Griffin’s offer and he has one eye on the approaching  men led by Colonel Adye. Dr. Demp is appalled by the suggestion and when Griffin tells him that 'it is killing we must do,' he repeats the words as if to confirm that he has heard them right. Dr. Kemp voices his disagreement in the words, ' "I don't agree to this, Griffin,...Why dream of playing a game against the race? How can you hope to gain happiness? Don't be a lone wolf. Publish your results; take the world - take the nation at least - into your confidence." ' Perhaps things would have been different if Griffin had shared his discovery, but then he certainly had an agenda against the world!

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